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to you

fuck you
don't fucking talk shit
don't fucking mention my name in any breath you exhale
you're a fucking hypocrite

i'm making something of myself, sorry, sweet heart, you're not going anywhere.

if you have a reason to think this is about you, it probably is. if you're as sweet as sugar, it's obviously not.

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going to look at new glasses tomorrow at costco. im hoping i can find something that i really like there, that the frames cost less than 300$. i used to have coverage for that much, but since my dad lost his fucking job, i dont get that part of the coverage anymore.
i work:
wednesday 5-9:15
thursday 4:30-8:30 (got called in for that, which is fine)
friday 5-9:15
saturday 1-6
and next week so far
wednesday 5-9:15
thursday 5-9:15

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i was going to fill out a meme that both sam and dan posted. then my battery died. i'm watching "what stays in vegas".
and then i came back to fill it out, and it made me sad


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i spent the weekend at heritage village for the yard sale/craft show weekend thing.
i made about 140.
hardly sold any of my knitted stuff, which sucked... but i got rid of a ton of shit i havnt used in a milion years.

i want to go apple picking with a cute boy who will hold my hand, tell me what kinds of apples make the best apple crisp, and will point out the best ones when i'm at the top of the ladder.
does anyone have one of these? even for just a day?
actually, i need 2, victoria wants one, as well.

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if only my volume bar would dissapear. then i could see the world.
after work last night, i was caked in dust. it took me nearly my entire 4 hour shift to clean the whole store. my feet hurt, and my brain was mush. but it's easy work. i want to stick this one out. i hope the schedule doesn't conflict with my hours at zehrs... just checked my hours at zehrs, and i had to give up a shift, my only one, next week, for the bargain shop. that's fine. i don't want to start asking to change shifts right away at TB!S...
this weekend i'm gone to heritage village, like i did last year, for that yard sale weekend thing. i really want to sell my bass there. and if i could sell a baby blanket or 2 that would be awesome, as well.

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